Fisheries and Land Resources

Mottled Sculpin

Cottus bairdi


Located in northern Labrador, but not on the Island of Newfoundland.


Prefers cool, calm waters of lakes and streams.


Found in central and eastern Canada as far west as Manitoba, and in Labrador.


A benthic (bottom) feeder, subsisting on aquatic insect larvae.

Breeding Biology

Few detailed reports on spawning or general behaviour. Spawning probably occurs in May, although this will vary according to geographic location. During the spawning period, the male's head darkens, and it selects a spawning site under a ledge or rock. Courtship behaviour occurs with the female entering the nest and depositing her eggs. The male remains to guard the nest and circulates current over the eggs by fanning his pectoral fins. Spawning may occur when water temperature reaches 10oC.


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