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Salmonier Nature Park - Birders Field Checklist

This checklist, produced in 1995, lists wild bird species that have been encountered in the park over the previous twenty years. Please use the occurrence designation to determine the likelihood of seeing a particular species here during your visit.


likely to be found daily in appropriate season and habitat.
likely seen monthly in appropriate season and habitat.
not likely to be found annually; though apparently occurs regularly in very small numbers.


nests, or adults with fledglings have been recorded.
denotes suspected, but not confirmed breeding.


April 1 to May 31
June 1 to September 15
September 16 to November 30
December 1 to March 31


Common Loon -bUSpS Belted Kingfisher -bUR Ovenbird -V
American Bittern -bXSpS Downy Woodpecker -BUR Northern Waterthrush -BCSpS
Canada Goose -bUSpSF Hairy Woodpecker -BUR Mourning Warbler -XS
Wood Duck -V Three-toed Woodpecker -XR Common Yellowthroat -V
Green-winged Teal -BUSPS Black-backed Woodpecker -XR Wilson's Warbler XS
American Blackduck -BUR Northern Flicker -BCR Savannah Sparrow -USpS
Ring-necked Duck -bUSpSF Yellow-bellied Flycatcher -bUS Fox Sparrow BCSpSF
Common Elder -V Alder Flycatcher -BXS Lincoln's Sparrow -X
Red-breasted Merganser -XR Eastern Kingbird -V Swamp Sparrow -bCSpS
Osprey -bXSpS Tree Swallow -BCS White Throat Sparrow -bUSpSF
Bald Eagle -XSpSF Gray Jay -BCR Dark-eyed Junco -BCR
Northern Harrier -X Blue Jay -bUR Snow Bunting -XW
Sharp-shinned Hawk -X American Crow -bCR Rusty Blackbird -BCSpS
Northern Goshawk -XF Common Raven -BCR Pine Grosbeak -BCR
American Kestrel -bXS Black-capped Chickadee -BCR Purple Finch -bUR
Merlin -bUSpSF Boreal Chickadee -BCR Red Crossbill -XR
Peregrine Falcon -V Red-breasted Nuthatch -XFW White-wing Crossbill -XR
Willow Ptarmigan -bUR Brown Creeper -XFW Common Redpoll -X
Ruffed Grouse -BUR Golden-crowned Kinglet -bCR Pine Sisken -UR
Greater Yellowlegs -bUSpS Ruby-crowned Kinglet -BCSpS Evening Grosbeak -XW
Spotted Sandpiper -BUSpS Graycheeked Thrush -bUSpSF Ringed-billed Gull -US
White-rumped Sandpiper -XSp Swainson's thrush -bXSpSF American Robin -BCSpSF
Common Snipe -BUSpSF Hermit Thrush -BCSpSF Herring Gull -US
Northern Shrike -XF Great Black-backed Gull -US European Starling -X
Common Tern -US Yellow Warbler -XS Arctic Tern -XbS
Yellow-rumped Warbler -BCSpSF Black-throat Green Warbler -bUS Rock Dove -I
Mourning Dove -V Palm Warbler -XF Great Horned Owl -bUR
Blackpoll Warbler -BCSpS Black and White Warbler -bUS Boreal Owl -X
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