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Crown Lands is part of the new Department of Fisheries and Land Resources

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The Lands Branch is responsible for managing and allocating provincial Crown lands in a responsible manner for the continuous social and economic benefit for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, not only for present but future generations as well. Crown lands are managed and allocated as a public trust and an important part of this principle is ensuring equity and fairness in the allocation process.

Public Land Inquiries

The Public Land Inquiry Map simplifies the process of determining if a person can apply for Crown lands or if there are any limitations to the types of Crown lands applications that can be accepted. This application includes lands where no Crown lands applications can be accepted, lands where certain types of applications are accepted or are restricted, areas where more information may be required and the contact information for the appropriate regional Lands Office.

How to Use the Public Land Inquiry Map: When the map opens, zoom in on the map to an area of interest within Newfoundland and Labrador. Land that is not available appears RED while land that has restrictions or limitations on use appears YELLOW. All other land is available for application.

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