Fisheries and Land Resources


During the breeding season (March 15 to October 30), activities other than permitted scientific research are not allowed on any of the islands in the reserve. However, access to Swale and Colombier Islands is not restricted outside of the breeding season.

Commercial and recreational fishing can occur in the waters of the reserve. All provincial and federal regulations apply when fishing in the reserve. Boaters must be careful in the marine portion of the reserve so as not to disturb the birds. To promote stewardship and protection of the reserves seabird populations, fishers are encouraged to fish outside the marine zone and to completely avoid waters within 100 metres of the islands during the breeding season.

There are currently no licensed commercial tour boat operators registered with the Natural Areas Program that can take the public around the islands.

Motorized or non-motorized boats are not permitted within 100 metres of the cliffs containing nesting birds during the breeding season. It is important that any boaters approaching the islands behave responsibly, so as not to disturb the birds.

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