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Lawn Bay Ecological Reserve is located off the coast between Lord's Cove and Lawn on the Burin Peninsula. It is approximately 370 km from St. John's. From the Trans-Canada Highway's Goobies turnoff, take the Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula highway (Route 210).

Visitation to the islands during the breeding season is likely to disturb nesting seabirds and negatively impact seabird eggs, chicks as well as destruction of habitat, particularly burrows. Access to Middle Lawn Island is by special permit only, in order to limit disturbances to seabirds during breeding, and their burrows year-round. During the breeding season (March 15 - October 30), access to Swale and Colombier Islands is also by special permit only. The Islands can be viewed from shore, or viewed from the water. Access to Swale and Colombier Islands is not restricted outside of the breeding season.

During the breeding season, all vessels may approach the islands up to a distance of 100 metres from all islands in the reserve. During the rest of the year, there are no distance restrictions for boats in the marine portion of Lawn Bay Ecological Reserve.

Aircraft are prohibited from landing in the reserve, or flying lower than 300 metres from March 15 to October 30. No tankers or vessels longer than 20 metres are permitted in the marine portion of the reserve.

Image of Lawn Island

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