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Permits & Forms

Permits are required for the following activities that may occur within the boundaries of Lawn Bay Ecological Reserve:

  • Commercial Operator Permit PDF(145 KB)
    • All commercial operators, including tour boat operators, cruise ships, and other tourism operations (including guides and kayak operators) require a permit to conduct activities in a reserve. Permits for cruise ships are only available for Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve. Permits are not available for cruise ships for Cape St. Mary's, Witless Bay, Funk Island, Gannet Islands or Hare Bay Islands Ecological Reserves. Tour boat operator licences are assigned based on a public call for proposals as per policy for that Reserve. For permitting information, contact the Natural Areas Program.
  • Educational Tour Permit PDF(145 KB)
    • Any group, including school, university, or conference group, conducting a tour within an ecological reserve requires an educational tour permit.
  • Scientific Research Permit PDF(145 KB)
    • Anyone who wants to conduct scientific research in an ecological reserve requires a scientific research permit. Note that applications must be submitted to the Natural Areas Program by March 31 for review by the Seabird Ecological Reserves Advisory Committee.

You must obtain your permit before you enter the reserve. Applications are available online or from the Natural Areas Program.

For scientific research, commercial operator, or educational tour permits, please allow a minimum of three weeks for processing.

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