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How to get there

The Avalon Wilderness Reserve is located in the centre of the eastern half of the Avalon Peninsula, on the Island of Newfoundland. Its northern border is about 50 km south of St. John's. An entry permit is required to visit the Avalon Wilderness Reserve.

Two unpaved roads (owned and maintained by Newfoundland Light and Power) give access to the eastern side of the reserve from Route 10. (Note: these roads are suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles with high clearance only.)

  • The Cape Pond Road leaves Route 10 across from Rowsells Hill, near La Manche Provincial Park. It gives access to Cape Pond after about an hour drive, and is a good choice for canoeists. However, with high water in early spring, this road can be impassable.
  • Horse Chops Road leaves Route 10 just north of Cape Broyle, and goes 26.5 km into the reserve. This route leads to the southern end of Stage Pond, a four hour drive from Cape Broyle and gives access to several canoe routes. The road forks to the right after Fly Pond. This route leads to Franks Pond, a three hour, 7.5 km, drive from Cape Broyle. With high water in early spring, roads can be impassable in places.

Hikers can access the area via several paths: the D'Iberville Trail, Riverhead Trail, Biscay Bay Trail and Daniel's Point to Holyrood Pond Trail. These are described under Activities.

Canoeists can paddle into the reserve from locations on Peak Pond Road, off the Salmonier Line/Route 90 (consult your topographical map).

Float plane and helicopter access is possible, but you must have an entry permit from the Natural Areas Program, Land Management Division. To arrange this, contact the Division. While over the reserve, aircraft must not be flown at altitudes lower than 300 metres, except during landing and take-off.

Note that snowmobiles and off-road vehicles including ATVs are not permitted in the reserve.

Contact Natural Areas staff to request a copy of the User's Guide which contains a map outlining access routes and trails.


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