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From April 1 to October 30, activities other than permitted scientific research are not allowed in the sensitive nesting areas on the island. However, low-impact visits are allowed in non-sensitive areas on the island at any time. For a map of the sensitive nesting areas contact Natural Areas Program.

Atlantic Puffins

The reserve can be viewed across the 6 km of Baccalieu Tickle. A path leaves from the community of Bay de Verde and goes to Split Cove, which is approximately a 30 minute walk. In the summer, in addition to the birds on the island, whales and icebergs can sometimes be seen from these vantage points.

Commercial and recreational fishing can occur in the waters of the reserve. All provincial and federal regulations apply when fishing in the reserve. Boaters must be careful in the marine portion of the reserve so as not to disturb the birds.

There are currently no licensed commercial tour boat operators registered with the Natural Areas Program that can take the public around the island.

Motorized boats are not permitted within 100 metres of the cliffs containing nesting birds during the breeding season, except at the designated (and somewhat difficult) landing sites at Ned Walsh's Cove and London Cove. Non-motorized boats can approach to 20 metres. It is important that any boaters approaching the island behave responsibly, so as not to disturb the birds.

The Bay de Verde Heritage Premises’ Opens in new window has interpretive exhibits about Baccalieu Island and its birds.

The Canadian Coast Guard operates two automated navigational aids on Baccalieu Island.


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