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Rules & Regulations

Biodiversity protection and habitat conservation are two of the key purposes of ecological reserves, so certain rules apply within all the reserves in the province.

The public can visit most ecological reserves for educational purposes or low-impact recreational activities-such as hiking or sightseeing-but these activities are prohibited in the sensitive nesting areas of the Hare Bay Islands. Only those conducting approved scientific research can visit the islands in the reserve during the breeding season.

The following activities are strictly prohibited in all wilderness and ecological reserves:

  • Disturbing, destroying, or removing plants, animals, or fossils
  • Introducing plants, animals, or anything else to the reserve landscape
  • Forestry, mining (including exploration), hydro development, agriculture, new roads, tracks, or building construction
  • Driving off-road vehicles including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

It is important that boaters approaching the islands do so carefully so as not to disturb the birds.

Read the official reserve regulations:

Regulations and a management plan are pending for the Hare Bay Islands Ecological Reserve.

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