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Service Standards

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources provides services according to defined standards, and regularly monitors them to ensure those standards are met or exceeded. Results are published annually at  

The achievement of Service Standards is a shared responsibility between the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources and its clients; and it is highly dependent upon the submission of all required documentation to departmental staff in a timely fashion. Service Standard commitments vary to reflect the unique requirements of departmental programs and services including: 

Resident Big Game Licence Process

Following the application deadline date, the department will notify applicants of the resident big game licence draw results within six weeks.  

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Non-Resident Big Game Licence Process

Following the receipt of a licence order, for each ordering period, the department will process and issue licences within 10 business days.  

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Domestic Cutting Permit

Following the request for a Domestic Cutting Permit, the department will issue a Domestic Cutting Permit immediately, for in person requests at local forest management district office and within 10 business days for requests received by email, phone or online.  

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Crown Lands Application Process

Upon receipt of a completed Crown lands application, the department will notify applicants of the status of their Crown lands application within 90 business days.  Status information will include either approval, refusal, or if the application is held, reasons for the hold and information regarding follow up.     

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