Fisheries and Land Resources

Exotic and Alien Invasive Species

Exotic Species Education Coordination and Policy Development Project

The Exotic Species Education Coordination and Policy Development Project, funded by the Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program, has provided an opportunity to examine the invasive alien species issue in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A review of current legislation looked at how Newfoundland and Labrador is protected from the introduction of species entering the province from outside the country, or from other provinces or territories within Canada.

Informational material was developed to educate the public on exotic and invasive alien species (IAS) issues. Several brochures, pamphlets and posters were published to highlighted current regulations and to suggest how the public at large could prevent the spread of exotic and IAS in the province.

2008 Exotic and Invasive Alien Species Workshop

Newfoundland and Labrador hosted the two-day Exotic and Invasive Alien Species Workshop in 2008 to highlight IAS issues within various government departments and sectors. The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss current research, as well as a monitoring program for the province. Various discussions and presentations from the workshop have been summarized and compiled on a CD and are available at the following links.

Monitoring program discussions from the workshop were used in conjunction with a literature review and interviews to develop an Exotic and IAS monitoring framework for Newfoundland and Labrador, which will soon be available on the Wildlife Division's website, as well as the Newfoundland and Labrador Model Forest's website.

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