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Species Status Advisory Committee

The Species Status Advisory Committee (SSAC) was established under the Endangered Species Act.  The SSAC's role is to review and recommend to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change designations and re-designations of species based on the best scientific knowledge available, and on traditional and local ecological knowledge about the species.

SSAC Seeking Expressions of Interest

The SSAC is currently looking for authors to write status reports for the following species:

GroupCommon NameLatin NameReport Status
Vascular plantEastern Star SedgeCarex radiataSeeking author
Vascular plantAscending MoonwortBotrychium ascendensSeeking author
Vascular plantCommon DodderCuscuta gronoviiSeeking author
Vascular plantMenzie's Rattlesnake PlantainGoodyera oblongifoliaSeeking author
Vascular plantHopsHumulus lupulus var. lupuloidesSeeking author
Vascular plantMermaidweedProserpinaca pectinataSeeking author
LichenMatchstick LichenPilophorus fibulaSeeking author
LichenWrinkled Shield LichenPannaria lurida subsp. russelliiSeeking author
FishMummichogFundulus heteroclitusSeeking author

Each of these contracts may include associated fieldwork/inventories to be completed along with the status report preparation. The SSAC maintains priority lists for the following taxonomic groups which it uses to determine the expression of interest list:

For further information, please contact:
Species Assessment and Recovery Planning Biologist
Department of Environment and Climate Change, Wildlife Division
Telephone: (709) 637-2026

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